Used in steel ballistic vests, assault vests, tactical vests, military backpacks and long barrel used by attaching to molle channels in NATO standards in the belt machine guns, sniper rifles and similar heavy weapons, military personnel and easier transportation by members of the security forces and transfer or transfer of personnel. It is a system that provides less power consumption during standby. Engineering design and materials used by Gürbağ Defense Thanks to this, the extra load on the personnel was kept at a minimum level and assembly and disassembly. operations are simplified.


- Sita Molle weighs 180 grams.
- It can be used with all weapons up to 15 kg.
- It is produced from hard plastic material.
- Can be used with all ballistic protective vests and all plate carriers with molle design structure.
- It is easy to disassemble and attach to the vests.
- With the Sita Molle, the gun barrel can rotate 360° in the front plane of the user.
- With Sita Molle, it can rotate 180° to the side planes in the front plane of the user.
- It can be used with both hands for right and left handed users.
- Ballistic Protective Vest and Plate Carrier in the same color as the Vests, in moonlight and daylight It is in Matt Coyote Tan (RAL 1002) color (Anti-reflective) without reflection and glare.
- Can be used with universal Picatinny Rail-capable, grip-mounted guns features.

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